NFT Tickets: Top 5 Events Revolutionizing the Industry

NFT tickets are a recent addition to the crypto world and have become a major source of excitement for digital asset enthusiasts, especially for people from the event industry as they provide many benefits. The trend among the community is growing fast, creating a new way of distributing tickets for festivals, museums, and even movies. In this article, we will go through the top 5 events that used NFT tickets to provide an unforgettable experience.

But first, let’s dive deeper into what NFT tickets are and what are the benefits they bring.

What are NFT tickets?

NFT tickets digital assets stored on a blockchain and represent ownership of a ticket for a certain event. They simply act like tokenized tickets, enabling users to purchase access to events or services with cryptocurrency. Additionally, the non-fungible tickets have smart contracts built in to ensure the authenticity and security of the transactions. With their increasing popularity and potential applications, they are rapidly becoming the “must-have” item of the digital asset world. 

Forget about paper or digital ones, now you can have a safe and secure way to access any of your favorite events. What’s more, NFTs guarantee that your ticket is totally valid – it won’t be counterfeited because its authenticity is impossible to replicate thanks to blockchain technology. Below are just some of the benefits of using NFT ticketing for your event which provide a great advantage when trying to avoid some of the major pitfalls of traditional ticketing:

What are the benefits of NFT tickets?

The benefits of using NFT tickets are numerous. They not only bring a new way of organizing an event but make it easier for everyone involved – from the organizers to the attendees. 

  • They provide users with an easy way to buy access to events or services using cryptocurrency. 
  • They are digitally secure and guarantee authenticity through the use of built-in smart contracts. 
  • They offer customization, allowing organizations to create unique experiences for customers or provide exclusive access to certain events. 
  • Their scarcity ensures that they have value and can be used as a form of digital asset ownership.  
  • They provide complete control over its distribution. One of the biggest problems in event ticketing is scalping – large numbers of tickets are resold for a large and quick profit. By using NFT tickets the initial seller has an overview of the ticket distribution on both the primary and secondary markets 
  • Finally, they open up new earning opportunities for organizations by providing access to a wider pool of potential customers.

With all these advantages, NFT tickets are becoming an increasingly valuable tool for organizations looking to gain traction in the digital world. We at Plentix strongly believe that by utilizing their features, organizations can expand their reach, increase customer engagement, and monetize services in a completely new way. As their popularity continues to grow, there are a couple of events that already jumped on the trend.

Here are some of the most notable ones:

Gary Vee’s VeeCon

Gary Vee is taking it to another level. His VeeCon extravaganza in May 2022 was a first-of-its-kind event – with ticket access exclusively reserved for holders of Veefriend NFTs! Only the holders of Veefriend NFTs were allowed access to the event, and tickets were not available for purchase to the general public.

Toronto Raptors NFTs

Taking the NFT experience up north, Canada has put its own spin on digital art and collectibles. In 2021, the Toronto Raptors opened 6ix Keys – an exclusive collection of cutting-edge Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With these tokens came some creative perks like rare autographed memorabilia and VIP experiences open only to collectors. Reaching different levels of rarity, each unique artwork had a range of benefits depending on how ‘rare’ it was!

Brand Minds and NFT tickets

Brand Minds is one of the most established events that connect groundbreaking thinkers with top executives and other high-performing professionals driven by growth and innovation. Last year the conference launched the BRAND MINDS limited NFT collection. One of the main perks of being one of the first minters of these digital collectibles is receiving lifetime access to the event and one of 3 different levels of membership. Within 15 minutes all First Class & Business NFT tickets were sold out! This year the event will be held in June so if you want to meet the most forward-thinking experts in tech, head to Bucharest.

Coachella NFTs

In 2022, music and art lovers rejoiced! Coachella was the first festival to allow attendees to buy their tickets as NFTs. Not only do these digital tokens provide entry – but they also come with a few hidden surprises. And if that wasn’t enough of an incentive, each ticket is unique in its design so it can also serve as a one-of-a-kind collectible after all the fun’s been had at the event itself!

Tribeca’s VIP NFT Pass 

If you’re a film lover and want to mingle with the stars, look no further than Tribeca’s VIP Pass NFTs which costs $899. The VIP passes were developed in partnership with the crypto exchange OKX. Minted on Ethereum, they will provide perks including special access to film screenings and invitations to exclusive events with the festival’s co-founders, Jane Rosenthal and Robert De Niro. The design was inspired by the landscapes of Lower Manhattan, where this year’s festival will take place on June 7-18.

NFT Tickets are here to stay!

NFT tickets are proving to be an innovative and creative way for event organizers to engage with attendees, bringing them unique experiences.

With their ability to provide secure digital asset ownership, full control of ticket distribution, anti-scalping capabilities, and new earning opportunities for organizations, NFT tickets will continue to hold value and popularity as they become more commonplace in the event industry. At Plentix, we have special plans in the works to provide easy and user-friendly access for both organizers and eventgoers alike to be able to adopt this exciting new tech to their best advantage. Coming very soon, watch this space!

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