Brand Minds 2022 – The Company Of The Future Case Study

Brand Minds
Plentix is partnering with one of the largest business events in Europe. Discover the highlights of Brand Minds 2022.

They say you become like the people you spend the most time with. Then, why not choose your friends wisely and hang out with the overachievers?

Thankfully, we live in an era when that’s possible and you can accomplish it by simply going to an event and keeping your eyes and ears open. But don’t just go to any event! 

Brand Minds attendance certificate, Photo credit: Brand Minds

Brand Minds connects the most groundbreaking thinkers of our time with top executives and other high-performing professionals driven by growth and innovation.
The conference has established a prominent tradition of discovering outstanding ideas and opportunities. Brand Minds combines learning with networking and highlights the topics that are the backbone of successful business strategies. It’s always an exciting experience.

Like the trailblazing entrepreneur and business coach Seth Godin illustrates it, “some of the biggest minds in marketing and thinking are here at Brand Minds talking about the future.

Today Brand Minds is among the five largest business conferences in the world. It started way smaller though. 

Seven Years Of Edutainment 

The engine of the thriving business summit is the Romanian event management agency of the same name. For Brand Minds’ first edition in 2015, the company invited 300 guests and a handful of keynote speakers with the mission of training professionals to strengthen their leadership skills. Then, slowly but surely, attendees began multiplying and the stage became populated with celebrities. Famous sales and marketing trainer Grant Cardone, charismatic author and speaker Guy Kawasaki, the man who made science even cooler, Michio Kaku, the monk who sold his Ferrari, Robin Sharma, along with many, many others, are on this celebrity list.

Marketing managers, visionaries, scientists, investors, and startup founders love to catch up in the Romanian capital city every year. In 2019, Brand Minds reached its peak with over 4200 attendees. One of them was Gary Vee as this has been called his “favorite conference”. After a short break and Brand Minds tuning into an online format during the pandemic, Gary Vee and the rest of the 2022 stellar lineup will loom yet again in the exhibition arena of Romexpo in Bucharest. 

So, What Are The Cornerstones Of The Company Of The Future?

In 2022, Brand Minds summit will host 6000 guests from 50 countries, and 300 companies. Each of the speakers will reveal a particular aspect of a  winning strategy for building the company of the future. Here’s a glimpse:

  • Brilliant entrepreneurship – Good old friend of Brand Minds Gary Vee is literally one of the most famous businessmen in the world today. What forces did he use to get there? As a top-tier communicator, he would love to tell you in person. 
  • Influence that drives sales – Who can share more insight about sales than a bestselling author? Globally acclaimed writer Daniel Pink will teach the audience how to transform ideas into pure gold.
  • A team of disruptors – Whitney Johnson is the CEO of one of the fastest-growing talent development companies and she’s your guide to discovering your dream team.
  • Courage and meaning – Use your dominant personality traits for balancing your relationships with others. Understand how from the distinguished theorist and psychologist Jordan B Peterson.
  • Foresight and imagination – How to catalyze innovation? The expert in designing experimental processes for some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world – Angela Oguntala knows. 
  • Sharpened marketing skills – Jonah Berger is a world-renowned marketing guru and he has prepared a clever masterclass on how to become viral.
Brand Minds 2022 stellar lineup, Photo credit: Brand Minds

You can benefit from attending Brand Minds regardless of your circumstances. It doesn’t matter whether you own a company, or you’re a freelancer, an employee, or an employer. As long as you strive to improve, expand, and find inspiration, Romexpo, June 17-18 is the right place and the right time for you. 

2022 will also be remembered with the launch of Brand Minds’ digital platform Early Game Ventures is investing in the project and the plan is to scale internationally.

One of the fundamental values ​​of BRAND MINDS is the drive to build a Romanian brand with global impact, and it has never been a better time as it is now, to amplify this impact. It’s a critical moment for the international business ecosystem — companies need support to crystallize the business strategies that will help them adapt to the new economic and innovative context. This is where our role lies. ” 

Andrada Borda, partner, and Marketing Manager Brand Minds

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