Evedo presents: Plentix, the Global Event Platform for Social Explorers

Some of the exciting features that you’ll notice as an integral part of the platform

Official Launch Set for August 23rd

Remember the last time you heard one of your favorite music artists was coming to town? We bet you were stoked while directly grabbing a ticket and messaging the group chat with a cheeky smile on, eagerly anticipating the emotional detonation. Seeing them joining in the hype feels just awesome, doesn’t it?

This prep time is always a trampoline of excitement! You get in the right headspace for what’s to come, maybe you talk about why you love this artist so much or indulge in a throwback with some of their oldest tunes, wondering if they’ll perform any of them tonight. These moments feel warm and special for all of us. Every small thing becomes a ritual and a souvenir you’ll cherish forever.

Experiencing these human connections and constructing the memories of a lifetime has been our main source of inspiration at Evedo. It is what has brought us here today and what gave birth to Plentix, our vision for a hassle-free and connected ticketing process. It’s your one-stop shop for creating, discovering, sharing, and enjoying events. All under one pink roof.

Plentix – Events Done Right Home Page

In more than a year we successfully executed 1700+ online and offline events with over 1000 event organizers and have generated 75 000+ tickets, both paid & free. All this, together with the lessons we’ve learned on the way have led our talented team to refine the platform in terms of both branding and UI/UX, improving and streamlining the ticketing experience to come.

Here are some of the exciting features that you’ll notice as an integral part of the platform:

Fresh and Welcoming Homepage

Our cozy homepage is the main gateway to a plethora of great opportunities for everyone interested in events. As a starting point of the platform, it sets the tone for the whole user experience. Come in!

Comprehensive Event Discovery Mechanism

Finding the right event is the first step to attending one. This is the main reason we’ve included a Discovery Mechanism with expanded search options such as location, interests, preferred times, and more.

Dedicated Landing Page for each Event Category

A discovery page for each event category helps you explore at a single glance all your preferred events so you can dive deeper into your most treasured activities.

One-click Sign up/Sign in

No need to type your password for the millionth time. With an integrated Google and Twitter authentication getting to your account is done in a snap.

New Personalization Set-Up

The event world is so vast and just like music, not every style can be your favorite. Our personalization feature makes sure you don’t miss anything that might appeal to you.

And now a much deeper look into what we’ve been sneakily (and happily) preparing for our B2B and B2C.

Some of the most valuable features tailored for organizers include:

1 ) An easy & free event creation process

Set up your events in a heartbeat with no upfront cost, no matter if they are paid or free.

2 ) Full access to relevant customer data

Stay up-to-date with event attendants’ data and give them the information they need.

3 ) Multiple promoter profiles in a single user

Manage multiple promoter profiles seamlessly and without wasting time.

4) Easily create promo codes

Add discounts and giveaways in two easy steps, and remove or reset prices even faster.

This is just a drop in the bucket… Soon these will be added as well:

  • Get paid via popular platforms and cryptocurrencies
  • Invite more sales by offering your customers’ preferred payment method
  • Refund through smart contracts
  • Form a community that generates buzz around all your events
  • Receive event history and sales statistics

We have also prepared an extensive list of functionalities for the event-goers:
1) A quick 2-step booking process

Spend less time booking and more time enjoying yourself.

2) Instant refund on cancellation

Get your money back painlessly in case of event cancellation.

3) Upcoming event dashboard

Receive the event information you need, when you need it.

4) Discover, book, and share events

Seamlessly discover, book, and share the events you enjoy.

And the ones that are still in the works:

  • RealTime event tracking
  • Stay on top of the status of the events you’re anticipating
  • Personalized event suggestions
  • Event insurance
  • Automatically get 100% of your ticket refunded if unable to attend
  • Pay via popular platforms and cryptocurrency

Our mission at Evedo is to build an ecosystem of tools that will facilitate and supercharge the process of producing and attending events. We can promise you that every brand that we launch in the years to come, carrying the “by Evedo”, will be a major milestone in completing our vision of empowering people to connect, experience and share. Plentix is our first big step on an exciting journey of creation, innovation, and improvement.

Let’s gig like never before!

Follow Plentix everywhere for updates, news, and surprises:

Website: http://plentix.co/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plentix.co

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/plentix.co

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