How To Buy Tickets For A Favorite Concert At The Best Price?

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We won’t point out bad practices in this post, instead, we’ll share our favorite tips for getting tickets at the best price. Reserve your precious time and money for what truly counts!

We usually buy tickets for events without knowing how their price is formed.  Often, it doesn’t matter; we want to go and we will, regardless of how much it would cost. If you’re a frequent concertgoer, though, this attitude might hurt your pocket. 

So, who says how much a ticket costs?

Before you pay for your right to attend a live music event, your ticket belongs to the event organizer, the performer, and the venue owner. Then, the ticketing providers step in and offer the distribution of tickets. As sellers, the providers add their own flavor to the fusion, in the form of a commission. While the performers’ and the venue owners’ rates are usually firm, event organizers and tickets sellers can influence the pricing depending on their needs and desires. As a result, there might be ebbs and flows of the cost of your tickets.

We won’t point out overpricing practices in this post, instead, we’ll share our favorite tips for getting concert tickets at the best price. Reserve your precious time and money for what truly counts!

Early Bird And Last Minute Tickets

It’s arguable whether it’s better to buy early or late. Some people believe (and they’re usually right) the presale is the best deal, while others swear in waiting until the last moment. 

Certainly, both options present benefits, but there are a few setbacks too. Possibly, if you’re in a mad rush, you might not make the best judgment about your seat or category. Alternatively, if you wait for too long, you risk being left out in the end.

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It’s a whole different story if your Early Bird pass grants you something extra such as VIP access, drinks tokens, or a merch discount, we’ll give it a point for that. On the other hand, if you’ve bought in advance and the tickets seller is not reliable, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a refund in case the show is canceled or delayed later.

Group And Package Tickets 

Even if you’re not a fan of group shopping, you might take advantage of an agreement between the tickets seller and collective buying e-commerce platforms. Come on, anything for a ticket! 

So, take your time and check if there’s an option like that. The most famous website that offers shared experiences for cheaper is Groupon and it has a user-friendly locate me tool. Alternatively, you can get a meaty discount or win a free ticket using event calendar apps that work like lotteries. Depending on the type of events you’re interested in, you can discover many other similar platforms.

Next, if you’re going with a company, inquire about a discount and any kinds of two-for-one, four-for-two, or maybe even ten-for-five deals. Not only you’ll get the best price, but you’ll drag your whole crew with you. And that sounds promising!

This Irish Ed Sheeran fan queued all night to get tickets for the show, Photo credit: Dublin Live

Another approach is fishing for vouchers and passcodes that will cause a drop in the final cost. Where to find them? Follow the artist, his fan pages, the venue, even the record company – be an active member of the community around this event and all the associated sides. Some ticketing platforms might offer loyalty programs, don’t underestimate them, you never know what rewards and privileges are coming your way

Last, if you’re signing up for an ongoing or a returning event like a festival, and you know you will attend this edition and the next one, and so on…there will probably be a package deal made just for you. It’s worth asking. 

Swapping And Buying From Resellers

In the last years, swapping and reselling event tickets became so common that people with entrepreneurial mindsets built their businesses around these activities. Platforms like TicketSwap, TickPick, and StubHub claim they have saved millions for their customers by listing only the lowest rates. They also promise all their operations are secure but at the same time, they don’t provide a tickets verification tool

The secondary market for concert tickets is highly technological, transparent, and convenient now. Nevertheless, regardless of how advanced and automated ticket reselling has become, aggregating all this data plus managing payments still carries the potential of fraud.

Buying Straight From The Venue

This might sound a bit old school, but it works! If you have doubts about a ticket provider or there are too many of them for the same event, just contact the venue. Ask if you can buy a ticket for the event you want to attend directly from them. 

One of the most iconic concert venues – Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Photo credit: Billboard

Even if you can’t purchase straight from the venue, they still have to give you accurate information about the authorized tickets sellers and advice you on where to buy for the best price. Always choose a seller that is delivering your ticket online and together with a QR code or another verification method.

Compare, Research, Check The Details

Do you know what’s the biggest nightmare for online salespeople? Users can compare prices in a matter of minutes! Use this advantage wisely – check a few different sources, observe, investigate

You have the freedom to examine all terms conditions, so always read the small text where all additional charges are mentioned too, and if they’re not plain, contact customer service and request clarification. We understand it’s sometimes overwhelming to browse through multiple websites, but at the end of the day, when you have a routine, it would take you several minutes.

As A Rule

Looking for a better price? There’s nothing cheaper than what’s free. When you’re searching for event tickets, you can utilize personalization features and see only free events or up to a particular price you’re willing to pay.

At Plentix, we’ve implemented intuitive functionalities that recognize the events that appeal to you according to your preferences. To simplify the process, we introduced the option to notify you about the events that might interest you via email.

Eventually, we’ve found out from our personal experience that the ultimate way to achieve a goal is by connecting with others, communicating, and socializing. That’s why we designed our ticketing platform as a network where friends and communities can share and explore. It’s not just about the simple act of buying a ticket for a concert, rather than it’s about finding each other and interacting in times of distancing and isolation.

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