The Story After with Mk II

The DJ & Producer Mk II is constantly on the lookout for new music and interesting projects. Although he is originally from Antwerp, Mk II is one of the backbones of Eindhoven’s event scene.

Who is Mk II?

I’m a Dj & Producer, born in Antwerp, Belgium, known as The Diamond City, but I currently live in the Netherlands, where I moved five years ago.

My friends and family call me by the name ‘Kristof, ‘Kris, ‘Krzyscu, ‘bro’ or ‘ey yow’! My artist alias is Mk II, short for ‘Mark II.’ It is a technical word referring to the second version of some devices.

When I perform, I mainly play House, Minimal House, Micro House, Minimal, and Rominimal as long as it is uplifting. I’m lucky to hold a  residency at several events in Eindhoven (The City of Light).

Besides DJ’ing, I have released music on labels like Zebra Rec, Resonance Music, and Suspense Music. I also organize events and try to contribute as much as possible to the local scene of the city I fell in love with. Don’t get me wrong… I still have a day job to cover my expenses. How do I find the time, right? (laughs) 

Explain in one sentence what a good DJ set is for you?

A good DJ set takes you on a journey and doesn’t let you go until it is finished.

What is your recipe for making a fire DJ performance?

This question is harder to answer than most people would assume. I love playing uplifting music the most, but I strive to keep it underground. I try to test out with a few tracks what kind of audience I’m performing to. Once I hit that one killer track that gets the crowd going, I try to keep the same vibe. I prepare a few bangers that mostly work, but surprisingly this is not always the case. 

Tell us about an event that changed your life.

It was mainly the club life in Belgium that made me fall in love with what I’m doing now. Legendary clubs like LA ROCCA in Lier, Illusion, Fuse or ‘Cafe d’Anvers’  influenced me the most throughout the years. People from all over Europe would go there on the weekends to free their minds.

But a real-life event that changed my thinking was the heart attack I suffered 3 years ago. It really made me realize that you must keep doing what you love the most in life, even if it doesn’t bring you the money or the podium you hoped for. After all, you shouldn’t do DJing for yourself, but to bring people together and help them stay sane in this insane world. It worked out for me, and I’m very grateful every day.

Why do you think events connect people?

I don’t only think that. It’s a proven fact that events connect people. At any event you choose to go to, you will find like-minded people enjoying their time off from everyday stress. What better way to do so than dancing your ass off with your favorite music and people! This human behavior goes all the way back to prehistoric times when people just spoke with vowels. It’s in our DNA. (laughs)

Deep Under Event Concept at Dynamo
Deep Under Event Concept at Dynamo

How do you pick which event projects to be a part of?

It can be a start-up or an established project. It doesn’t matter too much to me. When I select a project to be a part of, I mainly look at the overall message that the team is trying to portray. They shouldn’t be doing it for themselves but giving back to society. If it doesn’t fit with my sound or vision of what an event should be, I will pass.

Quality is also important. I like to work with people who know what they are doing. Creating an event takes a lot of work and effort, and event organizers should match that effort. It makes everything so much easier. When you look back, you’ve had a lovely time instead of a time filled with stress.

Some of the projects I am currently part of are Suspense Music, an event concept & record label for Minimal, Micro House & Deep Tech, and Deep Under, a local collective that found a home in the new club concept HAVEN in Dynamo Eindhoven. With The Orchestra, we focus on developing the whole package around organizing events.  They are famous for their raves too! Such a creative group of talents if you ask me. 

Soundscape Weaving Event during Dutch Design Week by The Orchestra
Soundscape Weaving Event during Dutch Design Week by The Orchestra

Which future projects are you looking forward to?

Up next is Suspense | SUBBAR on July 23, which I’m really looking forward to. It is an open-air day event with an incredible line-up. After that, we are hosting E-troit x Detroit on 27th August, which is the 50th birthday party of my close friend George Greco aka E-Troit. Some Detroit legends are on the line-up.

I’m also working on new music on request by some labels, so for that, you need to stay tuned!

You can follow Mk II on Facebook, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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