Five Hot Ideas For An Original Outdoor Event This Summer

Some event planners invest on advertizing, others swear in their unique ideas. We believe both approaches are important and we borrow you five fantastic concepts for outdoor events.

Cloudless days and breezy nights are the perfect conditions for a fantastic outdoor event. You have a goal your event has to achieve, you know which guests should attend, and you absolutely want to impress them. What else do you need? A concept and a location.

As a ticket provider, we’ve partnered with multiple promoters and event organizers who have tested different strategies to attract and engage the ideal audience. Some bet on noisy advertising, while others offer juicy incentives such as discounts and gifts. What stood out to us is that trying too hard to make a statement with an unconventional outdoor event doesn’t necessarily pay off, usually for trivial reasons. On the contrary, following the beaten track will not win you the type of popularity you would hope for.

There’s a fine line between swimming in new waters and remaining genuine. Taking this into account, we searched for original, and at the same time rational ideas for memorable roofless events. Here are a few winning formulas we suggest, along with practical advice for each occasion. 

Pop-up Picnic

What’s the difference between a regular picnic and a pop-up one? Like everything else labeled “pop-up”, this type of event is a surprise. The unexpected element is mainly the location which tends to be uncharted and often even hard to reach. Therefore, taking participants there and making them feel comfortable is somewhat of a VIP experience. 

Don’t be mistaken, the Pop-up picnic is not just a fancy lunch or dinner. While it’s usually designed as a luxurious delight for the senses, this type of gathering goes beyond the culinary. You can always introduce a new product in a pop-up setting. You might even disguise the picnic as a corporate event, a concert, or any other type of performance, depending on your objectives. 

Various companies claim to be the first to introduce the pop-up picnic trend. However, today it doesn’t matter who started it but who captured the boho vibe in the best possible way and at the most breathtaking location. 

Level of difficulty – medium

Tips: Prepare extra chillers and be generous with the picnic theme attributes. Dedicate spaces for photo sessions.

Pool cinema

It might sound nerdy at first sight but think again. We don’t mean movies only. Don’t imagine the Jurassic World or Pirates of the Caribbean invading the pool bar (although why not). You can screen any type of content you want your audience to see, dressing it up in a swanky pool party outfit.

For turning poolside into a presentation area, all you need is a screen (which can be inflatable by the way), a projector, and speakers. The rest is up to your preference and the effect you’d like to achieve. There can be deck chairs, puff chairs, high stools, or no seats. Snacks, drinks, and decorations are optional too, but we recommend including them as they will enhance the overall ambiance of the event.

Famous hospitality brands have already discovered the potential of lounge receptions with a twist. It’s only a matter of time for all types of brands to start charming crowds that like to chill by the pool.  

Level of difficulty medium

Tips: Pay attention to safety precautions such as wet floors and alcohol consumption. Provide lockers and enough room for changing.

Drive-by party 

This type of entertainment became popular during the peak of the pandemic but why should it be limited by it? Especially for people who love driving, traveling, and bonding with their local community, it’s a sweet match. 

How does it work? First, you need to set up a scenario. It won’t be interesting if everyone is just driving and you’re promoting something – that’s a regular day in our lives. Make it dynamic. Build up excitement, and guide the participants through the journey. 

There’s no rule everyone should stay inside the car. Some parties might be exactly the opposite – everybody, out of the car! Pick the right music or another type of content and let people network around their vehicles. You’ll be nicely surprised by how comfortable they will all feel. That’s precisely why drive-by events are ideal for uniting people and advocating for a common cause.

Level of difficulty: easy

Tips: Make sure to obtain all the necessary permissions. Don’t go to a place that is too remote.

Lit up rooftop

Photo credit: Rooftopia

This one is all about luminosity. You can rent any rooftop in the world, even the most basic one, and turn it into a truly magical vessel for your event idea. 

In this case, your primary job is practical. Preferably, hire a professional in advance who can help you with installing and arranging the lightning. Your essential task is to achieve the desired effect that serves your event objectives – are you planning a low-key party, a business after-hours meeting, or a cocktail feast? Is this occasion for relaxation or should it be action-oriented? 

Once you’re clear about the mood you want to invoke with the lightning, look up for inspiration and get ready to pull up your sleeves. 

Level of difficulty: medium

Tips: Acquire a confirmation from an electrician that all your lights are safe. Have some extra equipment in reserve.

Open air on the rocks

If you haven’t thought about it by now, it’s time to fix that. Rocks and caves are available for throwing events inside and out. The only rules are to be respectful to all living organisms and don’t leave traces behind.

There are plenty of spectacular locations around the world that already operate as venues for magnificent concerts and other extraordinary events. This doesn’t mean that you should go too far to find them. Technically, there are caves and rocks everywhere, even in urban surroundings. 

Apart from the astonishing panoramas that these natural sights offer, they have precious advantages such as superior acoustics, pleasant temperature, and privacy.

Level of difficulty: medium

Tips: Work with a niche catering company that has experience with isolated deliveries. Make sure the place is accessible to people with reduced mobility.


As you can tell, none of these outdoor events is too difficult to execute. You only need to prepare with the standard equipment, then let your imagination and organization skills take the lead. A smart way to simplify the process would be to go paperless and use digital tickets.

Keep it simple so things don’t get messy. Choose a safe location, ideally a place that has already been used for events. It will all click eventually and you’ll be proud of the lucky escape you managed to carry out for your attendees.

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