6 Great Reasons to Use Digital Tickets at Your Next Event

Physical tickets can bring a variety of unpleasant issues… Fraud, longer queues, and missing out on last-minute customers. Not to mention their environmental cost!

That is why we felt compelled to bring you a handy solution – digital ticketing. Going paperless will undoubtedly save you money, effort, and time, but there are multiple other perks to also consider and take advantage of! 
Without further ado, let’s take a look at 6 great reasons to use digital tickets at your next event! You won’t regret it.

1. Make your attendees happy

We believe that clients are at the core of any business. Or at least they should be! That means that many choices and commitments should be done based on our customers’ needs, desires, and preferences.

The truth is that people lose their things! Whatever your event might be, your attendees will sometimes leave their tickets at home by mistake or even misplace them on their way to the venue right at the final stretch. 

Moreover, fewer people have a printer at home these days… Yes, they could ask a friend for a quick favor or run to the neighborhood print shop, but why bother? It’s just easier to have them digital!

2. Lower your costs

Clients might be your number one priority as a business owner or event manager but your finances, of course, are of utmost importance as well! 

When making the switch to digital ticketing, you will undoubtedly save both money and time. Printing and mailing your physical tickets, paying for postage and envelopes, and having your staff manually package them will no longer be needed. Awesome, right?

With Plentix as your one-stop shop for anything events, you are able to set up your event and start selling digital tickets in less than 5 minutes. And it’s free!

3. Avoid issues and delays

It’s a common practice for one person to purchase several tickets for their entire group. If physical, they need to be distributed to the party in advance. Alternatively, the ticket chief has to go out of their way and coordinate everyone’s arrival so that tickets can be allocated prior to entry. It’s such a hassle and it can get messy!

Digital passes allow the ticket purchaser to simply email each friend a copy of their ticket. Guests can also transfer their tickets if they’re eventually unable to attend. And not to mention the potential of long lines at the door! Going digital will inevitably speed up the process as you’re scanning people’s virtual passes. Easy peasy.

Lastly, folks sometimes tend to fold and re-fold the paper while carrying the tickets in their back pocket or purse. It gets damaged which then causes issues and delays on your most important day – the day of your event! You don’t want that.

4. Increase your security and clarity

Ticket fraud is more common than you might anticipate. Verification processes and security systems are now more important than ever. 

Paper tickets can often be too easy to copy or fake. That makes digital ones much more secure. But that’s not their only superpower! 

Going digital will surely allow you to better track and manage everything around your event. How many people showed up, how many were late, and how many purchased a ticket at the very last minute… There is a whole world of interesting data that digital ticketing opens up for you.

If you’re being smart, this data can be used as meaningful insights for your future marketing efforts and event management. Maybe you’d like to tailor your catering to people’s diets to create a more personalized or safer experience? Or send your newsletter subscribers a discount code for their birthday as a way to say “thank you” while also encouraging them to make their next purchase!

5. Take care of the environment

This is a very obvious one. Going paperless means less paper, less waste, and more trees around the globe left to do their thing! You know… supply us with oxygen and give life to all living organisms.  

Taking our planet’s well-being in mind is quickly becoming a priority of many organizations around the world. We should all constantly strive to improve in this department! Plus, consumers are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, so it’s a big win in their eyes if we’re doing our part.

6. Seize last-minute sales

Many consumers have the habit of purchasing their event tickets at the last possible moment! Maybe they weren’t sure of their plans earlier on or even found out about your event on the day of its happening. 

With paper tickets, this can get quite tricky. You’d have to mail them ASAP or require the guest to make a tedious run to the closest printer. Oftentimes it wouldn’t be possible to accommodate that!

Queue digital ticketing. This approach enables you to stay on sale for as long as possible, maximizing those last-minute sales and walk-ups. Brilliant!

Did these 6 different reasons convince you to ditch paper tickets? We sure hope so! Head over to www.plentix.co and create your first event with digital passes today! Learn more about Plentix, our global ticketing platform, here

Save money, improve your security, please your guests, and enjoy!

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