The Story After with Lukea

Party lovers, nocturnal animals, knowledgeable audiophiles, enthusiastic event-goers, festival freaks, and everybody in between – welcome home.

This new series under the name “The Story After” is where we’re going to be coming together and sharing the stories of the events that changed our lives.

Who is Lukea?

My name is Lucas, and I’m a 25-year-old French music lover and producer. People know me as Lukea.

My journey started at the age of 14 with all things percussion: drums, congas, and many more. It’s what first gave me this penchant for traditional music. I always draw inspiration from traditional music when I am traveling around the world. In particular, I love to use a lot of African percussion and melodies from the Middle East. These elements blend well with my style and add more movement into my tracks.

It was only a few years later, during my studies in Paris in 2016, that I got into the world of production. I wanted to finally be able to create and interpret my own feelings without having to play something existing. It was from that moment, going out in clubs, meeting people around me, digging in record stores, that I discovered an affinity for electronic music. I was drawn to minimal and techno which was a turning point for me as an aspiring producer. At the beginning, of course, it wasn’t easy as I lacked knowledge and equipment. But perseverance helped me to achieve my goals.

Apart from this omnipresent passion, I really enjoy nature and the spiritual contact it generates. I also like traveling and discovering new cultures, but above all, I love finding new sounds and inspirations through the many experiences that I’ve had so far.

What is a key emotion behind your sound and music productions?

I define my music as an escape. It’s somewhere between futuristic and hypnotic sounds mixed with this organic and traditional side that I also like a lot. Moreover, mood plays a big role in the way I interpret my music.

Like I mentioned in the previous question, my travels and experiences over the years have also contributed significantly to the presence of emotions in my productions.

I must also say that before knowing anything about music and all the challenges it can give you, it is necessary to first know oneself.

In what ways do you connect with your crowd?

Social media plays a major role in the way we communicate with our audiences today. It comes with many pros and cons.

The Rominimal scene is particularly small, but extremely active. What I highly appreciate about this crowd is that it still has this thirst for discovery.

Tell us about an event that changed your life.

There are two for me that were really such unique moments of my life. 

The first took place in Morocco in 2019. Bel’air Festival took place in an idyllic location between the palm trees and the hot sand of Marrakesh. This is where I felt a real connection between the music I was playing and the audience. It was particularly special because the musical origins of this country had a big connection to the sounds I was experimenting with.

The second occasion was last year in Bucharest.

I played there with Octave and Nima Gorji during a showcase for the Resonance label. It was a different kind of vibe because I felt big pressure as I was playing in Romania which has always been the genesis of minimal music. As this specific sound has originated from there and is deeply engraved in the local culture, as a foreigner DJ you might feel like you’re being observed more up close in a way. It was a little nerve-racking but amazing!

What country do you dream of visiting for a gig?

The list is so long but Japan and Greece are definitely at the top of it. Japan because I admire their purism and culture. Greece because of its landscapes and origins. Every time I travel through the country, I feel a unique feeling of escape and a feeling of home.

At Plentix we are passionate about NFTs. Soon we are implementing NFT tickets into our platform, and our sister project Fragmint is a reimagined NFT marketplace. Tell us about your NFT and why did you decide to launch your own?

Honestly, it’s a phenomenon that I didn’t know much about up until only a few months ago. Long-time friends had created an agency based in Paris and got in touch with me. They explained to me the concept and the multitude of possibilities of what one can achieve in the space of NFTs.

I really liked the idea and I decided to launch my first series of NFTs with them in collaboration with my label Ellysium. For owners of the NFTs, it gives them access to different privileges like test press, sample packs, showcase tickets, and more. The next series is planned for 2022.

What are you most excited about for your next gig in Sofia with Suspense Music

I’ve never been to Sofia before and I’ve planned for you some secret weapons that no one has ever heard!

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How did it change your life? What did you learn? Who did you meet? What did you feel? We can talk about the connections we’ve made while we continue building new ones. Let’s co-create a memory book full of recollections we’d like to keep forever.

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