Zivert brought fire and energy to Chisinau’s open-air Teatrul Verde

“It was incredible, grandiose, hot! Julia charges everyone with her energy. Her concerts are a must for lovers of this kind of music.” – Alexandra, Plentix Moldova

On September 23 at 19:00, a big stage in Moldova’s capital was blessed by the presence of a beautiful woman and artist, both inside and out. Zivert had a spectacular concert with a live audience of around 3000 people!

Our very own Alexandra, working on Plentix Moldova, attended the show, and these are her personal thoughts on it, “It was incredible, grandiose, hot! Julia charges everyone with her energy. Her concerts are a must for lovers of this kind of music. The show was impressive. The people from Chisinau and the nearby cities were missing live events, and it felt like a breath of fresh air for all of us.”

photo by @r3tromama

The gorgeous Russian singer brought heat and fire to Teatrul Verde, the place where the magic was happening, regardless of the chilly autumn temperatures most of us are facing during this time of the year as we’re slowly starting to take out our winter closets once again. Zivert was dressed in a furry white coat, black leather boots, and an eccentric hairstyle that featured many buns spread across her entire head. Her fun feathery dress underneath the coat was swaying as the superstar and her dancers were moving in sync to the beat of pop. Her facial expressions, her voice, her presence – it all felt electric. Her fashionable attire reminded us of the Black Swan where actress Natalie Portman was switching between all black and all white, captivating the audience in a similar manner.

Not only was the atmosphere full of excitement and so much emotion, but the venue was also quite something! Did you know that Teatrul Verde (which means “The Green Theater”) in Chisinau is the largest open-air theater in Europe? It actually has a capacity of 6,700 seats! During the spring and summer seasons especially, it’s a lovely location for outdoor events as the seats are surrounded by luscious tall trees from all directions. Numerous jazz festivals, hip-hop nights, and other gatherings have taken place there, bringing the people of Chisinau together.

The big solo concert of Julia, the musician behind the international hit “Life”, will surely remain an unforgettable experience for everyone who became a part of it a week ago. Alexandra from our team shares that the entire crowd was singing along and dancing! We love these moments.

If you’re also a fan, like we are, you can follow Julia’s Instagram for news and an insight into her life. She will be releasing a new song titled “CRY” on October 1st, and we’re eager to see and listen as the artist shares that she and her team have been working on the project for 2 years!

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